November 28, 2020

Do Doctors Prescribe CBD For Pain?


The existence of CBD and its popularity have reached new milestones as every year people have venerating the compound that they believe to have unparalleled abilities offering so much support on its application. Consumers are even accessing hemp-derived pet treats and gum. But even at the level that it is presently occupying among products still the legitimacy of its compound is still being questions. Can a doctor prescribe CBD for use? And what are the physicians and doctors take about CBD? These are the most common questions that are aired by consumers.

What the stand of the public on CBD?

In the case of CBD, the interest of the public has been surprisingly high but there are no medical evidences that can support these claims of the benefits CBD can provide including CBD for pain. This means that even doctors are not likely to recommend on its use or prescribed this for medical treatments.

What is the basis for doctors and physicians to prescribe medications?

Drugs prescribed by doctors and physicians have to meet the standards which are officially set for that particular classification of drug. Secondly, these medical practitioners need to have the expertise to approve for its use to their patients. Even those that are qualified to provide prescriptions still have to exhaust other measures of treatment before they even recommend CBD.

What the medical world is saying about CBD?

At this point in time there are no long-term inflictions and benefits that can be claimed about CBD other than that for epilepsy which is already a breakthrough as it is. But with the idea that there are still more benefits that can be acquired are what everyone is hoping for including those in the medical field. But since it still stands to be tested, doctors are still cautious over prescribing this to their patients even CBD for pain. Medical research are still ongoing and since this takes time as it will be following the standard stages in the experiments, people will have to be contented of waiting for this. After all, if it can be proven surely everyone will benefit from this.


There are already set of guidelines being followed in the case of CBD use but it is still dependent on the existing laws imposed on it in every country. However, it is still best to refer your case to a doctor. If they find that you can benefit from the use of CBD based on your condition if they cannot prescribe this to you, then they will refer you to another physician who has the license to make the prescription. The point there is just to follow the guidelines that are imposed in getting and using CBD.